Authentic & Original Products:

All products that we source are new and come in original packaging with full set of documents. We source goods only from trusted accredited and reputable partners with whom we have a long history of business relationship. Our highly skilled customer service team will help you to choose and purchase a desired product, either luxury Swiss made watch, fine jewellery piece or even high-end cameras etc. More than 9,000 products of 85 brands are available online with many new weekly arrivals on our website. We hope that you will enjoy your unparalleled luxury shopping experience with us.

Want to know more about us?

  • 1. Customers Experience Rate 9.8/10 based on TrustScore. Reed more reviews.
  • 2. We are the major Australian dealer on Chrono24 - the leading international trading platform.
  • 3. We are currently positioned as an online retailer in Australia with a boutique in London, UK established in 2017.
  • 4. Watches of Mayfair has presence across 5 continents with Australian branch established in early 2019. Our products are shipped to 170 countries worldwide.
  • 5. Watches of Mayfair ™ is a registered and trustworthy international trademark.

Our portfolio includes over 80+ high-end brands:

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7500 + Watches

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1000 + Jewellery

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100 + Accessories

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Guaranteed authenticity & Warranty

All our products:

  • 1. Authentic and of top quality;
  • 2. Have original manufacturers’ serial numbers;
  • 3. New watches are supplied with 2 to 5-year warranty programme (depending on the brand). Pre-owned/used watches’ warranty availability is specified in the listings separately.

For details, please read our warranty policy here.

GST Free Orders and TRS Refund

For items sent outside Australia:

  • Items purchased by customers outside Australia will be sold Goods and Services Tax ‘GST’ free. Australian GST is 10% of the product price. To calculate the GST free price simply divide our advertised price with GST by 1.1.
  • Please note that customers outside Australia will be responsible for all import duties and taxes payable in the country of destination.

TRS Refund:

  • Customers wishing to take their purchase outside Australia will be issued with a Tax Invoice. Tax Invoice can assist in claiming the GST component via the Tourist Refund Scheme ‘TRS’. Please visit Australian Boarder Force website to ensure that you satisfy every the criteria of the TRS.
    • 1. Make purchase in person. We will initially sell the product for the price including VAT (20%). At the time of purchase, we will supply you with VAT Export form;
    • 2. Stamp VAT Export form at the airport, when leaving the UK. IMPORTANT: VAT Export form needs to be stamped by the Customs Officer, not by Global Blue representative or any other agents;
    • 3. Send us stamped VAT Export form back;
    • 4. Receive your VAT refund. Once we receive back stamped VAT Export form, we will refund you the VAT.
    • 5. We refund to our customers full 20% VAT without any admin or other fees.


You can get a more detailed view of a favoured timepiece on our YouTube channel, @watchesofmayfair. Press the subscribe button not to miss any updates as we regularly add new videos on limited watches and novelties of top brands from a 360-degree angle. Don’t lose an opportunity to see every detail of craftsmanship without leaving your home. Explore more here.